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Thank you for nominating an individual or event to be shortlisted to win a 2019 Triathlon England Award! 
Our sport would not be where it is without its dedicated volunteers, clubs and top quality events, so this gives them the opportunity to be recognised for all their hard work.

 Before any individual is nominated, the person filling out the survey (nominating) is required to check that the nominee meets all the following ‘pre-requisites’ and is therefore eligible to be nominated (which will additionally be checked by staff).

Nominations for Events of the Year (Children, Club, Commercial) will be conducted as follows:
Rather than the Self-Nomination process we have used in previous years, we have decided to continue with the process that events must be nominated by participating triathletes and Technical Officials. Nominate the event you particularly enjoyed or were particularly impressed with via the nomination form, ensuring you put in as much detail as you can. The local committees will select the regional winners, and it is from the 10 regional winners in each category where the National winner is selected.

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