Tresham Garden Village

We are consulting on a proposal to develop a new community called Tresham Garden Village on the site of Deenethorpe Airfield. We’d be grateful if you could take a few moments to give us your feedback. All responses and comments from this consultation will be considered as part of the final design process prior to submitting a planning application to East Northamptonshire Council.

* 1. Overall, do you support the redevelopment of this site?

* 2. What do you consider are the main benefits of our proposal? (please tick all that apply)

* 3. Is there anything else we should be looking at to help make the Garden Village a successful and sustainable community?

* 4. Please list any concerns that you have in relation to the proposal:

* 5. It will be useful to know where responses have come from. Please provide all but the last two letters of your postcode (e.g. NN17 3)

* 6. Please also tell us your age. This will help us to understand whether our consultation is reaching a cross-section of the local community

* 7. Can you see any way in which the proposal presented in this consultation will affect you, whether positively or negatively, more than other people, for example, because of a disability, your race or gender? If you have answered 'yes', please explain how and why?

* 8. Finally, please provide contact details if you would like us to keep you informed about the Garden Village proposal.