1. Welcome to our survey on transforming GP services in Hull

Why do we think we need change?

The NHS is under increasing pressure and our GP practices are facing significant challenges. We have shortages of staff across our doctor’s surgeries in Hull, this is a national problem. In order to safely run our GP practices, we need to change the way we work.

In order to address these challenges; we think we need to reduce the number of GP practices that we have in the Newland, Beverley, University area of the city. We currently have three practices in that area.  If we reduced the number of GP practices by one, then we can consolidate our staff and services onto two sites and improve access to appointments, treatment and care for all.

We have carefully considered our three locations:

·        Faith House Surgery
·        Newland Group Medical Practice at Alexandra Health Centre
·        New Hall Surgery

Out of the three practice locations; Faith House Surgery is the only site that is not in a purpose-built medical facility. Our review has confirmed that the cost to redevelop the site at Faith House Surgery would be costly and would not offer benefits in terms of offering better care for our patients.

Whereas; both Newland Group Medical Practice and New Hall Surgery are both based in medical facilities, with scope to modernise and meet requirements to offer safe treatments and healthcare services fit for the future.  We are considering the idea of relocating the services at Faith House Surgery, this would mean all patients would be offered the  option of moving to either Newland Group Medical Practice or New Hall Surgery or to move to a different GP practice altogether.

Before we can consider any possible changes, we need to understand what our patients think about the possibility of this           
proposal. We need to know how this would affect you and make sure we understand the impacts that making that kind of change may have.

So, we would like to ask you a few questions about what this means for you.

Please complete this survey honestly, we are listening to your views and value your thoughts.

We know no one likes change and we need to understand what you think.

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