The Council is considering how it can make best use of Council buildings, including the Town Hall.  We want to give the Town Hall back to the community so that it is open for everyone to enjoy, not just council staff.
The proposals aim to be cost neutral and the vision, and includes:

• Opening up the Town Hall Campus so it can be enjoyed by residents

• Protecting the Grade II listed Town Hall, Assembly Hall and Fountain for future generations 
• Opening retail and café space to create a new community in the heart of Chapel End ward

• Opening up and pedestrianising the area around the fountain and creating new park space, including creating a Centenary Garden to mark the end of the First World War

• Restoring the War Memorial to its former glory

• Building housing on the car park to the west of the town hall of which 35 per cent minimum will be affordable

• Building office space to the east of the Town Hall to house council staff and staff from public sector organisations as part of the One Public Estate Programme

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