Toddington Parish Council - Recreation Project

Toddington Parish Council are undertaking a review of recreation across the Parish.  The Recreation Project is undertaking a review of what facilities the community have access to and what facilities the community would like access to.  It is the aim of Toddington Parish Council to provide facilities to promote health, well being and community cohesion.  This survey is intended to enrich the project and allow the Parish Council to understand what facilities we have in the community, what needs developing and what additional facilities the community would like.  The Parish Council want to build positive attitudes towards a wide range of recreational activities and to deliver an open and transparent plan to address the community needs.  Toddington Parish Council define RECREATION ACTIVITIES as activity of leisure done for enjoyment, amusement or pleasure.

Please take time to answer these questions and allow the Recreation Project Team the opportunity to consider the existing services available and the needs of the community.  Only once the Team have an understanding of the needs of the community can effective facilities be developed.

This on-line survey is one amongst many methods in which we are seeking the views of the community.

We are always looking at ways to develop the project and if this is something you feel you could support then please add your contact details at the end of the survey and outline how you could support this project.

Many thanks.

33% of survey complete.