We're seven Threads in and keen to shape this peer-to-peer learning resource to best benefit you

So far we have explored a little of;

- Dealing with culture change as you grow beyond the founders
- What and how to outsource
- Attracting the best people
- Remaining innovative in the face of day to day operations
- Growing your business - what you can expect when you raise funds
- How to delegate and let go
- Why do good people leave, how can a business motivate them to stay

Looking forward to hearing your views.

Andrew, Peter and Rory

* 1. What themes would you like Threads to concentrate on?

* 2. Thinking about your own remit and operation; what's topical, where are your challenges?

* 3. What specific topics would you like Threads to explore?

* 4. Would guest facilitators appeal? I.e. someone with particular subject expertise

* 5. If you have attended, what did you like about Threads?

* 6. And what might we do differently?

* 7. If you've not attended yet, what has been the blocker (please describe)?