1. SCC members feedback survey

This SCC feedback survey is being sent out to gather consensus on determining which, according to our membership base including players, parents and supporters are our main priorities and areas of focus for the future. 

* 1. Affiliation: Please confirm how you are affiliated with the club (Please choose one from)

* 2. Membership/Community: Do you think the cost* of membership represents good value for money when compared to other sports/social clubs? *At the AGM, subscriptions were restructured: Seniors - £50 Annual subscription and £15/game, £7.50/game concessions. Colts remains the same. Sundays £10 adults/£5 concessions.

* 3. Do you attend the club and support the senior teams on match days?

* 4. What aspects of the senior teams (1st - 4th) could be improved? (Please explain below)

* 5. As with all small clubs, SCC is wholly reliant on the active participation of its members and specifically those volunteering their time and skills to help the club function i.e. from helping with team teas on match days through to offering help on coaching nights or painting a changing room wall. To that end:

* 6. Would you be prepared to offer some of your time with one of the many projects within the club? - Please note, this does not require specific cricket knowledge to help out.

* 7. We are a local club serving the local community, but negotiations in recent years with the Council and some residents indicate we can do more to operate in harmony with non-cricket users on our cramped Courage Fields location. What in your opinion, can the club do to improve community links? (Please add your comments below)

* 8. Club mission, vision and values: In order to unify the club across all membership types do you believe a club mission statement, vision and values would help? See appendix to Chairmans' letter as a proposed example.

* 9. Colts: One of the main challenges the club continually face when providing training/coaching is balancing demand and supply - in 2016, the club had a total of 220 registered children.

The existing training/coaching timetable is:

Wednesdays - Years 9, 10 and 11
Thursdays - Years 5, 6, 7 and 8
Fridays - Years 3 and 4 plus foundation 1 and 2

To make better use of the facilities and to provide better coaching, it is proposed to make the following changes:

Wednesdays - Unchanged
Thursdays - Years 7 and 8 plus Foundation 1 and 2 (With Foundation training commencing at 18:00)
Fridays - Years 3, 4, 5, 6

What does this mean?
This change would enable coaching staff to be more evenly spread and to have more room available out on the field for children to be coached.

Would you agree with this change?

* 10. Would you support the use of the club on a Sunday afternoon for Colts games, both League and Inter club friendlies?

* 11. Few Colts make the transition to playing Senior cricket at SCC. What would encourage more Colts/ex Colts to continue playing cricket for SCC at a Senior level? (Please comment and let us have your views)

* 12. Communication: The current method of communication used by SCC is predominately via email, however maintaining an updated database of contact lists can be challenging.

Is SCC effective in how it communicates updates to its members?

* 13. What other forms of communication would you use?

* 14. Should the club use different mechanisms for communicating dependent on the content (e.g. Team availability, training updates, social)? What are your views? Please add your comments in the free text box below.

* 15. What improvements (if any) would you propose when it comes to the subject of club communication with its members? Please let us have your comments.

* 16. Facilities: The cost of running and maintaining SCC is significant and includes the pavilion, playing costs, pitch maintenance, coaching and equipment to name but a few. To help the club plan for the future, what area(s) for improvement should be prioritised in your view? (Please rank 1 = most important, 6 = least important)

* 17. Fundraising/Social: Over the past two years, attendance at social events held a SCC have been poorly attended. These events help raise much needed funds for the club and are fun to attend. Did you attend any of the following events held at SCC on the past two years? (Please select all events attended)

* 18. If you have not attended events held at the club, was there a reason?

* 19. What type of social event would you actively support in 2017?

* 20. What type of funding would you support at the club?

* 21.                                                                                    ALL DONE!!!

If you have any other ideas or suggestions that may assist in our club development we would be very pleased to hear them in the free text box below.


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