Thank you for taking the time to take part in this survey. It’s important that you have your say as it is the only way we will understand how you feel about the work that is being done to improve rehabilitation services in the East Midlands.
The Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire are launching a four-week phase of public engagement on proposals to develop a National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC).

The CCGs are working on proposals that aim to improve rehabilitative care for patients who need help regaining skills and functioning for daily living after illness, injury or disability.

These proposals may mean that patients who would benefit from intensive, inpatient rehabilitation will be seen at the new NRC. We want to hear from people who may be impacted by this.

The NRC is being built on the Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Estate, situated in Nottinghamshire, close to Loughborough. The site also hosts the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC), which provides rehabilitation services to military personnel. It will be a national centre of excellence, a national training and education centre and a research and innovation hub.

The CCGs in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire are undertaking a programme of patient engagement over the coming weeks. This will involve talking to patients, carers and families who may be affected by the development of the NRC. The engagement programme will build on conversations that have taken place already with patients and is supported by Healthwatch and the CCGs’ patient committees.

The engagement is underpinned by a series of focus groups to gather the views of patients, carers, relatives and staff on:

-What people feel is most important to them about the NRC
-What are their views of the NRC
-If they would face any difficulty accessing the NRC
-Their views of having the NRC as a single point of referral
-The transfer of existing rehabilitation services to the NRC

The CCGs and the NRC Programme Board will consider the feedback from patients alongside any clinical and financial considerations when developing final options and proposals. Final proposals may form a formal public consultation in the future.

For further information on the engagement phase please contact

This survey has been designed to explore your views of rehabilitation services in the East Midlands and what you think is important. All the feedback gathered will be fed back to the programme team who are looking at developing options for how future rehabilitation services in the region might look.

This survey is available to complete between 10th October and 1st November 2019. 

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this survey, please contact us using any of the contact details detailed below:

Any information you provide will be treated in strictest confidence.

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* 1. To help us understand your response better, please can you tell us if you are answering this questionnaire on behalf of… (Please tick one only)

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* 2. When thinking about specialist rehabilitation services, what do feel is important? Please use the scale below to rank each factor.
Specialist rehabilitation is the total active care of patients with a disabling condition, and their families, by a multi-professional team who have undergone recognised specialist training in rehabilitation, led by a trained consultant.

  Very important Important Neither important nor not important Not important Not important at all Don't know
Receiving care by staff who have undertaken specialist rehabilitation training
Being treated by the same staff (continuity of care)
Short waiting time to be transferred to specialist rehabilitation
Receiving care and treatment close to home
Ease of friends/family to visit
Receiving patient-specific care with flexibility to individual needs
Access to high quality physiotherapy and related services (including mental health)
Access to latest research and expertise
Receiving high quality care and treatment all in one place
Effective discharge planning with rehabilitation services linked to community/VCS and peer groups

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* 3. In 2018, the government announced an investment of up to £70 million for the creation of the National Rehabilitation Centre at the Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Estate, near Loughborough.

This estate will provide a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility for both serving military personnel and NHS patients.  .

The intention is that the National Rehabilitation Centre will become a centre of excellence for rehabilitation for England, providing:

·         Best practice care and expertise for sharing nationally
·         Expert advice and training to the NHS
·         A national service for patients who would benefit from intensive, high-tech, innovative rehabilitation services.

The proposed criteria for admission to the National Rehabilitation Centre would be:

1.     The patient is judged to have significant functional deficits regardless of diagnosis and therefore has rehabilitation need and potential. The patient once assessed by the rehabilitation prescription is positive for a specialist rehabilitation service which provides an intensive, bespoke medical or therapist coordinated program.

2.     The patient is medically appropriate following their acute episode and presents as capable of fully participating in the inpatient rehabilitation program (in unusual situations, when it is unclear as to whether the patient is able to fully participate in the program, a brief period of inpatient assessment may be required to make the final determination – these circumstances may be referred to as an evaluative admission or a trial admission).

3.     The patient has clear functional and/or vocational goals identified to warrant the admission that:

a. are realistic;
b. offer practical improvements; and
c. are expected to be achieved within reasonable time periods.

4.     The patient has a high probability of benefiting from the program of rehabilitation and the facilities at NRC.

5.     The patient has a home and available family or care providers such that there is a likelihood of returning the patient to home or a community-based environment.

This is likely to include neurological patients, major trauma, complex muscoskeletal, traumatic amputees, incomplete spinal cord injury and severely deconditioned patients.

Using the scale below, how would you describe your views of the National Rehabilitation Centre? (Please select only one)

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* 4. What benefits do you think this National Rehabilitation Centre would bring?

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* 5. What challenges or issues do you think this National Rehabilitation Centre would bring?

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* 6. The National Rehabilitation Centre would be located on the Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Estate, near Loughborough. This estate hosts the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre and is a 360-acre countryside estate providing high quality rehabilitation services to defence personnel. The NHS services will be part of the £400m defence facilities.

Some of the benefits of the co-location of the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre with the National Rehabilitation Centre have been identified as:

·         Shared state of the art facilities and equipment, which are not available anywhere else in the UK   
·         Shared learning and expertise - driving the knowledge in the field of rehabilitation forward
·         Providing greater opportunities for clinical research due to the larger number of patients
·         Helping the area become a highly attractive place to work
·         Providing unique specialist resource to respond to serious injuries resulting from a national emergency.

What mode of transport do you most frequently use? (Please tick one only)

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* 7. Would you face any difficulty accessing the National Rehabilitation Centre at Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Estate, near Loughborough? (Please tick one only)

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* 8. If yes to previous question - It has been discussed that by providing provision for overnight accommodation for relatives, free and ample car parking, superfast broadband to enable enhanced patient communication and ensuring that existing bus routes provide good access, this would help family, friends and carers. Do you think this would help address any difficulties you might have? (Please tick one only)

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* 9. Do you have any further comments about the location of the National Rehabilitation Centre at the Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Centre?

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* 10. To follow national guidelines there would be one single point of referral to the National Rehabilitation Centre. This would make sure that all patients who could benefit from rehabilitation are assessed based on their needs and are treated in the most suitable place.  A decision will be made as to whether the patient meets the criteria for admission in Section 1 and if not, consultants will consider what other services they may access.  

This will help to move patients to rehabilitation services and free up hospital beds that can be used for other patients.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the referral process described above? (Please select only one)

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* 11. If you disagree with this process, please tell us why:

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* 12. Do you have any additional comments?

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* 13. Some more about you:

It would help us to understand your answers better if we knew a little bit about you. These questions are completely optional, but we hope you will complete them. The information is collected anonymously and cannot be used to identify you personally.

How old are you? (Please select only one)

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* 14. What is your gender? (Please select only one)

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* 15. Does your gender identity match your sex as registered at birth? (Please select only one)

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* 16. Are you currently pregnant or have your been pregnant in the last year?

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* 17. Are you currently....? (Please select only one)

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* 18. Do you have a disability, long-term illness, or health condition? (Please select only one)

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* 19. Please can you tell us what your disability, long-term illness or health condition relates to? (Please tick all that apply)

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* 20. Do you have any caring responsibilities? (Please tick all that apply)

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* 21. What is the first half of your postcode? (For example – SR1 or NE38)

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* 22. Which race, or ethnicity best describes you? (Please select only one)

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* 23. Which of the following terms best describes your sexual orientation? (Please select only one)

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* 24. What do you consider your religion to be? (Please select only one)

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