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This survey covers - (a) employment discrimination and (b) discrimination against benefit claimants; and is for anyone who considers themself to be disabled. Please feel free to skip any sections which are not relevant to you. 
Who is conducting the survey?

  • This survey is being conducted by the Public Interest Research Unit (charity number: 1017 1919) in association with Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC). Click here if you would like to see the researchgate page of the researcher conducting the survey.   
Protecting your anonymity
  • Only the researcher will have access to the completed surveys. 
  • He will anonymise all data to hide the identity of participants and others.
Survey purpose
The aim of this qualitative survey is to provide insights into:

  • The impact of employment and equality rights on disabled workers; and 
  • How the effectiveness of these rights can be increased. 
The findings will be used in the writing of reports, articles, and briefings, aimed at informing debates on the future of workers' rights. 

Taking part
This survey is for anyone in the UK or with relevant UK experience. 
  • There are 8 questions, covering in order - 1. disability reasonable adjustments; 2. other disability good or bad employment practice; 3. benefit sanctions and disability; 4. enforcing your rights; 5. your ideas for improving practice and the law; and 6-8. demographics. 
  • Please only answer the questions that you want to answer and skip the others; and
  • Provide as much or as little information as you like. But detailed answers could be very useful for understanding causation. pp
Further information about this survey, a copy of the final report, or if you might be willing to be interviewed by the media about the final report -
Please contact PIRU's researcher at Equalityrightscampaign@outlook.com. Thanks for your help. 

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