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Oceanic Consulting , the company behind the successful London Asian & Business Awards and the English Asian & Business Awards and many more are delighted to announce nominations are open for the first ever Asian Professional Awards 2021.

The Professional and Business Services (PBS) sector covers a range of diverse knowledge-intensive industries which provide specialised support to businesses. Covered sectors include legal services, audit, accountancy, advertising and market research, management consultancy, architectural and engineering activities and employment activities.  

The sector accounts for almost 11per cent (£186billion) of the UK economy’s gross, value added1 and 13per cent (4.6million) of employment.2 It is diverse, and many of its subsectors are knowledge-intensive and highly geographically mobile. The UK is a major exporter of PBS, providing 27per cent (£66.0billion) of the UK’s services exports.3 It is strongly competitive, being within the top three exporters of these services in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 2015 (with the US and France).

This September through an awards ceremony in Birmingham (restrictions permitting)  we intend to not only honour and celebrate people of Asian heritage who have made some incredible contributions to the Professional sector in the UK but also celebrate this great industry and what is does for the British economy. 

Let us celebrate the best and help them shine


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Please note; for a business or individual to be eligible as a finalist for these awards, they must have been trading or in post for a minimum of 12 months. Our team will continue due diligence checks on all finalists after they have been announced. The finalist list issued on the day of the event will be conclusive and you may be removed prior to that if the information you provide is not valid.