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Creative Oceanic are proud to announce after the success of the awards over the last few years, The 9th Official English Hair & Beauty Awards will take place this year in Leeds (chapter 1 ) Manchester, (Chapter 2 )  Birmingham (Chapter 3)  and Milton Keynes (Chapter 4) during the month of March.

This year the awards will be split into the 4 chapters.  Your success is our success and if we are able to build your profile locally the awards will benefit long term. 

We would be delighted if you could vote for your favourite hair salon, beauty salon or star in the English Hair & Beauty industry. 

Please note to help some of the smaller salons we have regional categories for some of the awards. Those with R below will be split into the regions of England including. With one regional winner and one overall winner. All our winners are based on the votes received. We believe this encourages more people to enter.  Please limit your votes to 1 and try to focus on one category.

We may introduce new categories once the votes have come in.


Thank you for voting. Every vote counts. Creative Oceanic the team behind these awards deliver 120 awards in 15 cities across the UK, Ireland and Canada.

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