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E-Petition in Support of "The 5" Minimum Standards on Health, Safety & Welfare

Please note: Although we are using SurveyMonkey to run this action, it is NOT a survey, it is an e-petition.

We, the undersigned, fully support and endorse “The 5” Minimum Standards Approach to Health, Safety & Welfare being proposed by Unite for MGS Personnel at Faslane.

Categorised as essential workers, we have kept going throughout the coronavirus pandemic. However, current health, safety and welfare arrangements, as well as the way these arrangements are managed is deeply dissatisfactory to us.

All MGS personnel working at Faslane ought to feel valued by their employer. Valuing the workforce does not just entail saying supportive words periodically. Rather, it primarily involves demonstrating to the workforce that they are valued through actions and provisions that lead to a sense of pride and dignity at work.

We urge the employer to meet with Unite Representatives with a view to adopting the “The 5” Minimum Standards Approach to Health, Safety & Welfare – and suggested associated actions – being proposed by Unite as a matter of urgency.

“The 5” in a Nutshell

1. Proper Welfare Facilities

2. Suitable/sufficient and well maintained workstations

3. A full review of ALL risk assessments in conjunction with Union Safety Reps

4. A full audit of ALL PPE, including the suitability of outdoor clothing & footwear

5. Use the Unite Covid-19 Checklist to ensure that all of the above benefits from enhanced Covid-19 safety measures.
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* 4. As part of this campaign we will be looking to support the development of New Unite Safety Reps within MGS at Faslane.

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The role of Unite Safety Rep can be both challenging and rewarding. You will be supported with education and training to help you settle into the role and also be part of a growing team of those interested in improving health, safety and wellbeing at Faslane.

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