1. Pay talks to start shortly


Pay talks for the 2015-16 TfL settlement will begin on 8 June. We are already aware that central government is cutting TfL's funding and that this has already created financial pressures upon the organisation. However, TSSA believes that TfL's greatest asset is its committed and hard-working staff and that these staff - at all levels and in all pay bands and grades - should be treated fairly, equally and with respect. TSSA is committed to achieving a fair and transparent pay system at TfL, which rewards all staff and does not privilege or prioritise the highest earners, whilst suppressing the wages of all other staff.

We continue to press TfL to review its Performance & Development processes, in order to make them fairer and more transparent, and we are seeking a reduction in unnecessary expenditure on expensive agency staff and non-permanent labour, instead pushing for greater promotion and development opportunities for existing staff.

TSSA members are undertaking action short of strike, including non-participation in the P&D process, alongside members of RMT and Unite.We will continue to working closely with our allies inside and outside of TfL to achieve Fair and Equal Pay.

We want to make sure that TSSA's priorities in negotiations reflects the views and concerns of our members, particularly in relation to pay, PfP and the PDR system. To do this we need you to tell us what you think and what matters to you most.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey by Friday, 27 May. Thank you for your time.