When following a Spectrum procedure, you will often be advised to record something using 'a standard term source'. But what sources? And where to find them?

Using consistent terms is crucial for retrieving information quickly and accurately when you want it. To help, Collections Trust has created a draft list of term sources for Spectrum (link opens a new window), to map which Spectrum units of information could draw from existing published term sources. 

Are there published term sources we have missed? Do you have in-house terms you would be willing to share with us, and possibly with the wider sector?

Please use this survey to tell us if you use any other term sources than those already listed in the draft document. We think that some units do not seem to have published sources – but you may know differently.

A term source can be a:

Wordlist: a simply structured set of terms, often organised alphabetically.
Thesaurus: terms arranged in a hierarchy, allowing the selection of more general or specific words, eg the Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT).
Classification: a hierarchical organisation of subjects using codes and numbers, rather than words, eg Iconclass.
Authority - a list containing information about people, persons, organisations and places, eg The Union List of Artist’s Names (ULAN).

Please start by providing your contact details below. We will only use these to contact you if we need to follow up on any term sources you provide, in line with our privacy notice

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