Study Focus: Tennis Coach Leadership and Tennis Player Needs.

'Examining possible relationships between perceptions of tennis coach transformational leadership behaviours with tennis player basic need satisfaction and mindfulness.'
Before you decide if you want to continue and participate, it is important for you to read this information so you understand why the study is being carried out and what it will involve:

-       The aim of the study is to investigate leadership behaviours associated with tennis coach’s practice and the impact tennis player’s perceptions of these have on your own basic needs as a player and your mindfulness attributes;

-       You have been invited to take part because you over 18 years of age, either male or female and have been coached by a qualified British Tennis Coach (either Level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) at some point either individually or in a group setting;

-       You are under no obligation to take part in the study and you are free to withdraw at any point;

-       It is estimated that the total time to complete this study will be no more than 10 minutes.

Further Information:
This study has been funded by Northumbria University and its protocol has received full ethical approval from the Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation ethics system. If you require confirmation of this please contact the chair of ethics using the details below and stating the full title and principal investigator of the study:

Dr Mick Wilkinson, Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation, Northumbria University, Northumberland Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 8ST, 0191 243 7097,

Contact for further information: Principal Researcher email:, Supervisor email:, Name of another person who can provide independent information or advice about the project:


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