Taking action on race inequality is a proposal to establish a shared website which would link and support organisations that are taking action on race inequality in the UK. The proposal is led by the Black Training and Enterprise Group with support from the Coalition of Race Equality Organisations. To find out more about this proposal please visit www.bteg.co.uk. 

We believe that a shared website will bring the following benefits to help take action on race inequality:

* Provide a single, shared location for resources to support organisations and individuals taking action on race inequality, including  policy briefings, analysis of statistical data, research reports, case studies, evidence of what works, toolkits etc.

*Increase collaboration across the race equality sector and help to join up race equality work across different policy fields.

*Increase scrutiny of government policies and programmes which produce or contribute to race inequality.

*Reduce cost and time for individual organisations trying to find information and develop responses on race inequality.

We want to know what you think. Is this a good idea? Would you use or contribute to a shared website? Are there other, better ways to improve the way we take action on race inequality? 

Please give your views. This survey will take about 20 minutes to complete and all the information you provide will remain confidential. This survey will close on 30 September 2017.

1. Which of these best describes the capacity in which you are taking this survey?

2. Do you, or does your organisation work with or support any of the following groups?

3. How strongly do you agree with the proposal for a shared website to take action on race inequality? (give 1 star for strongly disagree and 5 stars for strongly agree)

4. Please say why you think this website would be useful or not useful.

5. What would you want a Taking action on race equality  initiative to include?

6. In communications about race inequality (generally, not just for the proposed website) which words/phrases do you prefer?

  Like Neither like nor dislike Dislike
Taking action to end inequality
Closing the race inequality gap
Ending racial disparities
Achieving racial equality
Tackling racial inequality

7. How likely is it that you would use a Taking action on race inequality website - as a user or website visitor? (1 star means not likely, 5 stars means very likely)

8. How likely is it that you would use a Taking action on race inequality website - as a contributor? (1 star means not likely, 5 stars means very likely)

9. Do you have any comments about the proposals for Taking action on race inequality ?

10. Are you aware of the Government's Race Disparity Audit?

11. Where do you currently go for data or statistics on race inequality?

12. Based on what you know about the Government's Race Disparity Audit, how likely is it that you will use the data this produces?

13. Do you think there could be a better way than the proposed website to encourage and support a shared approach to Taking action on race inequality?  

14. What is your gender?

15. Which age group are you in?

16. What is your ethnic group?

17. Have you attended any of the Taking action on race inequality consultation events (these are taking place from July to September 2017)?

18. Are you from an organisation which receives funding to carry out race equality work?