Tackling climate change and protecting our environment is a key priority for Bolton Council. In August 2019 the council recognised the conclusions of the ‘Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C’,  and as a result, committed to developing a strategy for the borough to address the issues and prepare for the local impacts.   In Bolton our partners who make up the Vision partnership are joining with us on this journey so that we can get the best outcomes for Bolton.  We believe that these challenges involve all of us and we are keen to understand what you think you can commit to as well.

The vision is for us to use all of our powers to action, enable and support everyone in working towards achieving carbon neutrality and climate resilience by 2030.  This is not an easy undertaking. To be truly effective we need to create a strategy that we all feel involved with and which will inspire us all to take action.  We want to engage with people in Bolton to hear your ideas and views.   We want to start this engagement with this short survey.

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Engaging with us to develop and deliver the strategy:

We want to ensure that we continue this engagement on Bolton’s strategy to address climate change and if you are up for being part of that and of this continued engagement.

If you are happy to be contacted as part of that continued engagement then please leave your contact details below and we will keep you informed of our progress and when we can next engage with you to see what you think about our proposals. 

We will never share your personal data and only keep this in line with our retention schedules and privacy policies.        

Your personal data will always be stored securely on the Bolton Local Area Network.

If you decide you want to withdraw your consent please contact  mail.cex@bolton.gov.uk who will confirm your request and remove your contact details.

You can also find out more information about your rights under the Data Protection section of the Councils internet site.  www.bolton.gov.uk  

Please note:  Your responses will be anonymised, and no individual will be identified in any report.

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* 1.  Are you responding as:

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* 2.  Which area of Bolton are you from?

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* 3.  How important a topic is climate change, the environment and sustainability to you?

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* 4.  Buildings:

What ideas do you have that could contribute towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and better energy efficiency in buildings across the borough, be that homes, civic buildings, business premises, schools, colleges, hospitals etc :

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* 5.  Transport:

What ideas to you have around reducing carbon emissions and promote the transition to greener and more sustainable transport solutions, what actions could be taken:

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* 6.  Power:

What are your views on how we can support the growth and use of renewable energy and use less energy in our day to day lives:

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* 7.  Waste

What can be done to promote Bolton as a zero waste area where all waste is minimised, recycled and reused as part of a circular economy approach:

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* 8.  Influencing Others:

What should we be considering regarding working collaboratively with others to change perspectives on activities that help to achieving our zero carbon goals:

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* 9.  Land Use:

What are your ideas around using land more effectively to mitigate climate change impact and nature loss: