Dear Colleagues,

One of the main objectives of the Worshipful Company of Marketors - a Livery Company of the City of London for senior executives in Marketing, is to look at the challenges facing our profession now and in the future. As Master of the Company for 2018 , I am seeking the involvement of the wider marketing community as it gauges the opportunities and threats posed by new technologies. Starting with the Oxford Dictionary definition of New Technology as being "Technology that radically alters the way something is produced or performed, especially by labour-saving automation or computerisation."

The rate of change is so rapid that focusing on today is too late and even the midterm future almost impossible to predict. To get a clearer view, I am focusing on 2020 when today’s emerging technologies will have matured and the bleeding edge technology of today will already be in general use by early adopters. How should the 2020 CMO respond to the risks and opportunities thrown up by the new technology? What strategies will make the most of opportunities while minimising risks? How will the role of the CMO change as a result?

I would like to enlist your help by gaining your views as to the role Marketing can play in future developments. Although this survey is being conducted anonymously, if you would like to receive a summary of the results please send us your name and email address

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With grateful thanks for your time and views.

Richard Christou
Master Marketor, 2018

1. To start with, would you say that your organisation regards new technology as a threat or an opportunity? Please tick one.

2. In your organisation who leads the way in introducing new technology? Is it....

3. Is new technology generally regarded in the organisation as something which simply enables people to do their jobs better, or is it something that changes the whole nature of what the organisation is doing? Please tick one.

4. Specifically in the marketing function, when you are trying to implement new technologies is it easy for you to get support or do you face barriers in so doing? Please tick one.

5. Would you say that new technology, whoever leads the introduction of it, is helping to raise or reduce the role of marketing within your organisation? Please tick one.

6. Is new technology helping your organisation get closer to its customers or is it getting in the way of these relationships? Please tick one.

7. The umbrella term of "new technology" of course covers a very wide range of processes and applications. The following lists many of those that might be relevant, so it would be extremely helpful if you could please tick 3 that you would identify as being the most help to your organisation

8. Is your organisation primarily dealing with customers who are private individuals (i.e. B2C) or other businesses (i.e. B2B) or a mixture of the two? Please tick one.

9. Does your organisation employ more or less than 5,000 people? Please tick one.