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* 1. Have you heard of Five Ways to Wellbeing?

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* 2. Where did you hear about/see anything about 5 ways to Wellbeing?

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* 3. Which of these do you think is best to describe your Wellbeing?

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* 4. The five ways to Wellbeing are connecting, being active, taking notice, learning and giveing. Building them into your everyday life may include:

1. Walking

2. Exercise class

3. Using the gym

4. Running/jogging

5. Cycling


1. Volunteer

2. Give time to others

3. Donate money

4. Support to family/friends

5. Care for family member/friend


1. Talk with colleagues

2. Keep in touch with family/friends

3. Meet with family/friends

4. Part of social group/committee/faith group

5. Meet new people

Taking Notice:

1. Be observant

2. Enjoy local countryside/wildlife

3. Take time to “smell the roses”

4. Keep up to date with current affairs

5. Listen to others


1. Learn something new

2. Study for qualification

3. Read

4. “push myself mentally”

5. “Helping” kids with homework

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* 5. Please indicate which, if any of the five ways to Wellbeing you do in your day to day life:

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* 6. Can you give an example of how you connect with people around you?

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* 7. Can you give an example of how you try to keep learning?

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* 8. Can you give an example of how you try to stay active?

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* 9. Can you give an example of how you continue to notice the world around you?

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* 10. Please provide the first part of your postcode

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* 11. What gender are you?

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* 12. How old are you?