Understanding Dunbar, its People and its Potential

We want to listen to and learn from the community in order to work alongside people as together we figure out appropriate ways to strengthen community life around here.

If you have any questions or want to talk in person, you can call me on 07564282999.

Thank you so much 

Shiona Liddle
Pioneer Minister

Dunbar Parish Church

* 1. How long have you lived in the community? Do you work in Dunbar? If so for how long?

* 2. Apart from the fact that you have friends and family here. What is it about Dunbar that makes it feel like home – like a community to you?

* 3. Where do people meet up to relax?

* 4. What interests/abilities do you have that you would like to share with others?

* 5. Who are some of the people in the local community who you think have the most influence? Why?

* 6. Are you aware of any tensions in the community? If so what are they?

* 7. What are the big issues in the community e.g. youth, mental health?

* 8. Have you had any experience you would describe as spiritual? If so what was it?

* 9. How do you think the church could offer its skills & resources to help make Dunbar better?

* 10. Name & email address: