We (Bira) are campaigning to have the £200 reporting threshold for retail crime removed.

This is the threshold that determines the response by the police, and theft below this level does not always merit a police visit and offenders can plead guilty by post. There is a bill going through the House of Lords that might be a chance to have this threshold removed.

Please complete this quick survey and if you wish to share your experience with Bira and/or the press, please leave your contact details at the end.

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* 1. What proportion of retail crime against your business falls below the £200 threshold?

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* 2. Have you experienced a disproportionate increase in crime under £200 since 2014 when the law was changed?

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* 3. If you are willing to speak to Bira or the press further on your experience, please provide your contact details below (Please note: We will not share these details with any third party unless we've sought permission from you first)

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