If the hype is to be believed, 5G services will be globally and commercially available by 2020. However, before our industry can deliver the utopian notion of a mobile, connected society there are serious questions to be answered and challenges to overcome.

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* 1. What type of organization do you represent?

* 2. What stage are you at with regards to 5G-related infrastructure and technology?

* 3. Which of the following are the key benefits of 5G to the service providers? (please pick 3)

* 4. Which parts of your organization are the most focused on 5G?

* 5. How important is NFV to 5G networks?

* 6. How important is SDN?

* 7. What is the role of Open Source in the transformation of infrastructure to support 5G?

* 8. What five 5G services are you focused on delivering first?

* 9. Are your initial 5G offerings consumer or enterprise focused?

* 10. Do you expect 5G to increase your enterprise revenues?

* 11. Which industry segments do you think have the most potential for CSPs to target with the capabilities that 5G offers? (Please pick 3)

* 12. What are the most common use cases in each of these verticals

* 13. How important will enterprise networks and adjacent verticals be for 5G?

* 14. Which of the following types of organization are the best partners for 5G implementation?

* 15. Which of the following are the major obstacles to 5G facing your organization?

* 16. When do you think 5G will really have a business impact on each of these sectors?

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