* 1. Rate Art/Theme elements on the scale from 1 (very poor) to 5 (very good)

  Poor Average Good
Consistency of the style
Choice of colours
Choice of fonts
Choice of objects sizes
Choice of text size
How artstyle corresponds to the theme
How gameplay fits the theme

* 2. Rate Clarity of game and interface elements on the scale from 1 (extremely difficult to understand) to 5 (easy to understand)

  Extremely difficult to understand Had some problems Easy to understand
Information displayed
Game feedback (how the game reacts to the player’s actions
Purpose of the buttons of the game
Where to find each game element
Rules of the game
Game navigation
Overall effectiveness of the interface

* 3. Rate Gameplay Features on the scale from 1 ( poor) to 5 (very good)

  Poor Very good
Gameplay options variety
Upgrades variety
Upgrade usefulness

* 4. Did you experience any bugs?

* 5. Does the game need tutorial? If yes, specify which areas should be included

* 6. Rate Game Balance on the scale from 1 (too few/little) to 5 (too many/much)

  Too little/few Balanced Too much/many
Number of casinos
Number of upgrade type
Number of xp upgrade
Casino prices
Time required to earn money
Earnings from one play
Bet upgrade prices
Win rate upgrade prices
Win rate increase
Luck upgrade prices
Luck increase
XP upgrade prices

* 7. Choose relevant option where a number correspond to the casino/upgrade position from the top in the game

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Most bought Upgrade
Most useful Upgrade
Least useful upgrade
Most upgraded casino
Least upgraded casino
Most profitable casino

* 8. How much time did it take to:

  Less than 2 mins More than 5 mins More than 30 mins More than 1 hour More than 5 hours More than 1 day
Open second casino
Buy first upgrade
Buy first upgrade for luck
Buy first upgrade for win rate
Buy first manager
Open all casinos
How much time did you spend playing

* 9. Rate the pace of the game on the scale from 1 (too slow) to 5 (too quick)

  Too slow Balanced Too quick
Overall pace of the game
Openin new casino
Bets increase
Waiting to earn something
Waiting between events (availability of new casinos, upgrades, etc.) 
Bet price increase
Win rate price increase
Manager price increase
Luck price increase
XP price increase

* 10. How likely are you to play finished version of the game, which will include the basic gameplay presented, daily missions and mini games?