Why this survey?

'Superfast' broadband was rolled out to Uffington in 2017 with fibre cables installed “to the cabinet” (FTTC) and using existing copper wires from the cabinet(s) to properties. Many businesses and households have taken advantage of this faster internet speed (up to 70 Mbps). However, with many more people and businesses now working from home, the Parish Council has been asked to look into the possibility of establishing a community project to get “ultrafast” or “full fibre” broadband (FTTP) installed directly into homes and businesses. This should provide a significant improvement to services with a much faster and more reliable “gigabit ready” (150Mbps to 1000Mbps/1 Gbps) service that would “future-proof” our communications infrastructure, and may even improve property values.
Because this is a rural area, government grants are available to connect businesses (£3500), households (£1500) and the school. This grants could eliminate altogether the cost to individuals of installing full-fibre. A poster about this scheme is here. In addition, Oxfordshire County Council has just introduced a scheme to support better rural broadband which tops these vouchers up to £7000. 
Ultrafast Broadband Options
We currently have 2 options:
1. Airband. You may be aware from flyers that a company called Airband is currently installing full fibre broadband into Kingston Lisle. If enough people in Uffington are interested, the Kingston Lisle scheme could be extended to Uffington. The Airband model needs enough individuals to be interested in their service to make a connection to an area viable. An Airband installation currently requires an Airband contract to supply internet services and an additional phone line or internet voice (VOIP) contract if you wish to retain your phone service. Suppliers such as TalkTalk, BT, Sky are not currently available through the Airband network. The contract for the internet connection can only be with Airband and may also need a separate contract for email (unless using Gmail or others which are independent of the network contract). Airband could be available in about 6 months.

2. Openreach "Community Fibre Partnership". A group of all interested businesses/individuals in a community club together to request installation. Much as now, once connected, individuals have access to any supplier on the Openreach network. This would allow an upgrade to, or retention of, existing BT, Sky, TalkTalk etc contracts and email services including, in some cases, a phone service. A list of FTTP suppliers on the Openreach network is here. This service has not yet been scheduled by Openreach and is unlikely to be available for at least a year.
14% of survey complete.