Creating a Therapeutic Offer for Children in RBKC

Our aim is to provide a range of therapeutic activities for children and their families. We hope our offer will be available in different areas of the community, in a range of community languages and in places where children and their families are happy to access support. We hope that the offer will include practical activities for children as well as  support and advice to parents/carers so they can feel confident that they are providing the right support for their children and know where to go/who to talk to if they need more help.
We need your help to understand what this programme should look and feel like. Please respond by Thursday 22 February 2018

* 1. How old are the children in your family

* 2. Where in the borough would be convenient for you to access these activities?

* 3. Tell us the name of the venue/s that would be convenient for you to

* 4. Day of the week

  mornings before 12pm afternoons between 1pm and 3pm afterschool between 4pm and 6pm evenings between 6pm and 8pm

* 5. Please tick all the activities you would like the programme to offer

* 6. Please tell us how you hope your child will benefit from accessing these activities?

* 7. Please tell us how you hope you will benefit from accessing these activities?

* 8. Please tell us anything else we should consider when designing this  programme

* 9. What language would you prefer to attend workshops in?

* 10. What is your postcode?

* 11. Have you and your family been affected by the Grenfell fire