The National Third Sector GIRFEC Project (NTSG)

The National Third Sector GIRFEC Project (NTSG) has been managed by Children in Scotland since 2018 and aims to maximise the influence of local and national third sector organisations in children’s services planning and delivery. Through providing information, engagement and learning opportunities for the sector, we support its voice as a core partner in the wider culture, systems and practice change needed to get it right for every child.

What is this survey about?

Over the coming months, the NTSG project is particularly interested in developing its current understanding of the third sector’s progress in children’s services planning as the strategic approach to improving children’s outcomes. A report by the previous NTSG project helped to identify some promising planning examples, based on fieldwork in 2017 when the first plans were published. The context of children’s services planning, including the development of Children’s Services Plans, lies in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 and the associated Statutory Guidance on Part 3 (click here to read).
A further national round of Children’s Services Plans is due for publication in 2020. The Plans are intended to be part of an ongoing planning cycle rather than an end point in themselves, with opportunities for the third sector to be involved in this cycle, working with local statutory and other partners to review, plan and help improve children’s services and outcomes.

Sharing survey results

The NTSG Project would greatly appreciate your time and input in completing the following survey. Your feedback will help us to take stock on what has been working well in children’s services planning, as well as identifying any challenges and areas for improvement. The survey responses will enable us to develop reports with findings and recommendations, which can be shared within the sector and with statutory partners, as part of the ongoing development of children’s services planning. The survey may also help to identify where the NTSG project (and others) might further support and engage the sector to plan for children’s improved outcomes. Summary findings will be shared externally, where appropriate – for example where there are implications for statutory partners. In these cases, individual responses would be anonymised in merged results. Survey respondents will receive a copy of the survey findings where we have your consent to keep in touch.
Who and when?

We welcome responses to this survey from partners in:
· Third Sector organisations (both national and local) who provide services to children, young people and their families.
· The survey will be closed at 12 noon on 28 February.

If you don't have time to complete the survey in one go, you can return to the survey and pick up where you left off and/or edit previous responses until you click the Done button (provided you are using the same computer/device).

Follow up opportunities

Finally, we would like to follow up the survey with more detailed work in a selection of geographic areas, to explore some of the themes. You will see a question about that at the end of the survey.
Any queries? Contact the NTSG team, Louise Wright and Vicky Wan
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