This on-line survey asks UNISON members working for the NPS and the CRCs to provide input into UNISON’s response to the Justice Select Committee Inquiry into Transforming Rehabilitation. The call for evidence closes on 17 November and UNISON aims to put in one collective response on behalf of NPS and CRC members.

The Justice Select Committee wants to find out:

Whether the attempts by the MOJ at the end of July 2017 to improve CRC performance by giving them more money, and by making suggested changes to the probation inspection regime, are having any effect?

What impact Transforming Rehabilitation has had on sentencing, recalls, Serious Further Offences and Through the Gate?

What should be done to improve/reform Transforming Rehabilitation?

Your views as probation staff are vital to the outcome of the Committee’s Inquiry, so please do respond in any way you can. You do not need to answer every question and your comments are totally anonymous. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Please respond by no later than 12 midnight on 15 November.

* 1. Do you work for:

* 2. What effect have the contractual, financial and administrative changes which the MOJ introduced for CRCs in July 2017 (as a result of their internal review of Transforming Rehabilitation) had on your CRC,or the  CRCs you work with?

* 3. Is the proposal to strengthen inspection standards and create job performance measures (between probation services and prisons) the best way of improving performance? 

* 5. Have the problems arising from the division of responsibility between the NPS and CRCs in the delivery of probation services been addressed by the Ministry of Justice?

* 6. What else should the MOJ do to address the issues facing probation services?

* 7. How can the Through-the-Gate provision be improved so that prisoners get the right help before their release from prison and afterwards?

* 8. When should there be a review of the future of Transforming Rehabilitation and the long-term plan for delivering probation services?