10 questions- please share your feedback

Hello Offgrid participants!
Firstly we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in this years festival and to all the friends we made! We feel so much gratitude to all the open minded individuals who support the festival. We want to share our appreciation to all the amazing volunteers and skilled people that make it possible before and before and during the festival and to John from the Biophilia Project~ the custodian of the beautiful Goffin Lands who welcomed us with an open heart and an open mind.

This year was phase two of the re-birth of Off Grid which took off again in 2016 for a truly special event with support from our successful crowd funding campaign, we are now starting to see a stronger community of people working hard to make it happen!

As we are still near the beginning of our story of creating a shared vision of 'Another World Is Possible' and to make this event even better we want to hear from you. We welcome any feedback so we can continue to improve our events so please share your experiences with us in this short survey.

* 1. Are you?

* 2. Are you... (this may help us craft the festival to suit you better)

* 3. Summary

* 4. Will you go to Off Grid Festival again? and have you been to before? 

* 5. Rate the following areas & venues

  Didn't visit Visited but didn't like it It was ok I liked it One of the best bits! LOVED it!
Off  Grid College
Off Grid Kids Village
The Barn Stage
The Barn Program
Off Grid Chai Cafe
The Acoustic Stage
Thrive Wellbeing Program
Community Convergence and WeTheUncivilised
The Earth Voice
Crafts and Tech Village
Trackways Ancient Craft
Serenity Healers
GraviTea Cafe Bar and Sauna
The Wildwoods

* 6. Please rate the following...

  terrible poor adequate good outstanding
Ticket Booking System
Pre-event communications
Box office and arrival at festival
Off Grid Canteen
Camping field
Other on-site facilities (showers, compost toilets etc.)
Workshops, Talks and Activities
Kid's Activities
Music entertainment (Evening)
Music entertainment (Day)
Opportunities to share/network about your project
Staff helpfulness
Information Point

* 7. Your story

* 8. Why and how are you intending to use your new skill/skill set/awareness in your daily life?

* 9. What makes Goffin Land a suitable venue for Off Grid Festival and similar events?

* 10. Keep in touch