Trips and Visits Survey

Welcome to our survey.

As we explained last term, one of the roles of the Governing Board is to regularly collect views from the school's community.  This term we would appreciate your feedback about school trips and visits.  Responses will only be used collectively and in confidence. The unnamed individual responses, will only be seen by the small number of Governors collating the information. The findings will be used to inform the way in which future trips and visits are planned.

We would like to note our thanks to the Friends of Loughton Manor First School who make a generous donation for our key trips each year.

There are only five questions and it should take only a couple of minutes to complete.

The closing date will be 21 July 2017.

Many thanks for taking the time to contribute.

* 1. Has/have your child(ren) enjoyed their trips and visits this year?

  Yes enjoyed Not sure Not enjoyed Did not attend
Mead Open Farm
Bugtopia - Workshop
MacIntyre Bakery (free)
Train Station Visit and Journey (free)
Colonel Custard - Entertainer

* 2. Do you think that the school trip/visit was good value for money?

  Good value for money Not sure Least value for money Did not attend
Mead Open Farm
Bugtopia - Workshop
Colonel Custard - Entertainer

* 3. Are you happy with the number of trips/visits your child(ren) have had the opportunity to experience this year?

* 4. Do you have any other comments based on your answers above?

* 5. Are there any other suggestions for future educational trips?