Thackray Medical Museum

The Thackray Medical Museum (TMM) was established to present a history of medicine with particular emphasis on what drove its technical development and the impact it has had on daily life. Since opening, the museum has become one of the UK’s leading medical museums, welcoming over one million visitors.

Twenty years after opening, the museum is about to undergo a £4m capital development. The development will transform the museum to enable 21st century audiences not only to experience the world of medicine and medical innovation in a creative setting, but also to see their own part in shaping its future.

The museum galleries will be closed for redevelopment between May 2019 - summer 2020, during which time the museum will undertake a rebrand.

Now, we want to ask you; what you expect the museum to be in the future?

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* 3. When the Thackray reopens its doors in 2020 what would you imagine the experience to be when you visit?

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* 4. Can we contact you about potentially being involved in the brand development?

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