Your views on Home Learning at HCC

In this section we are interested in how your child/children are managing their home learning and what more we can do to help.
There are no right and wrong answers to these questions. We understand that all of our students have different lives, different expectations and different ways of working so please answer from your perspective of home and school life.

* 1. Teachers set enough home learning

* 2. My child puts a lot of effort into completing home learning tasks because ....

  Strongly agree Agree Not sure Disagree Strongly disagree
Because they want to get Praise points
For their own satisfaction
Because they want to increase their knowledge/ understanding
To avoid getting into trouble
They don't try their hardest

* 3. Please rank these reasons for completing home learning in your order of importance (1 = Most important).

* 4. We can approach tasks in different ways. Which of the following describes how your child completes most of their home learning tasks?

* 5. How often do you find the home learning tasks challenge your child to try their hardest?

* 6. How often does your child make suggestions for home learning/ research tasks that link to their learning?

* 7. Does your child complete extra tasks (in addition to those set by your teachers) that help them to make progress in their learning?
(For example: research words that they do not know, places that have been mentioned in lessons or read around subjects/topics)

* 8. What more could we do to help you with any of these areas?