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Dear resident/user of Browns Field

We hope you have enjoyed your use of KGV Memorial Playing Fields (Browns Field) during the Covid pandemic and that you have noticed the improvements that have been taking place gradually. I’m sure you agree it’s great to see some investment in the park at a time when we have all needed our green spaces so much! We have enjoyed seeing them so well used.

We are now working closely in partnership with Prescot Town Council and Knowsley Borough Council about how Browns Field could be improved in the future so that it adds as much possible value to the community and so that the quality of our green spaces form an important part of the wider regeneration of Prescot.

In the short term (this year we hope!), we have an aim to replace the younger children’s play park, which is dated now. We have raised some funds towards this from the Co-op Foundation and we want to secure more match funding to completely replace the park with new modern equipment. We want local children to tell us what they think this should look like, and this will help us secure the funds and get cracking! Please ask your children to give us their views!

We also want to seek your thoughts on a recent refresh of a master plan for the whole of Brown’s Field, which indicates other improvements to football facilities, walking paths and habitat that can enhance the park over a longer period. Getting your views will help us work to develop and deliver this.

Please let us know what you think – there is also the opportunity to get more involved with our work if you would like to – volunteers welcome!


Friends of KGV Prescot (Browns Field) & Carr Lane Woods
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