Holmbridge Church Hall Booking Feedback

Thank you for booking the Church Hall for your special event(s). Please read the following information so that your contact with us goes smoothly.

We will:
The caretaker will take your booking for which a deposit is needed. She will work out the cost and give you a receipt, stating the times that you have booked the Hall. Please note 11.30pm is the finishing time for all our events. If needed the caretaker will loan you a key so that the Hall can be set up and cleared up at your own convenience.

You will:
It is your responsibility to keep order and prevent any damage to the property. Please note that all damages must be paid for. To ensure everyone's safety, at no time bus emergency exits be blocked with anything. As you leave please make sure the building is tidy for cleaning, all appliances and both kitchen heaters are turned off.

In order to improve the service we offer, please tell us about your experience and answer the following questions.

* 1. What was the date of your booking?

Date / Time

* 2. How satisfied were you with the hall today?

* 3. Was this the first time you have used the Hall?

* 4. If you have used the Hall before, how many times in the past year?

* 5. Name one improvement you would like to see.

* 6. Please tell us about your experience.

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Would you use the hall again?
Would you recommend the hall to family and friends?
Was the booking easy?
Was the caretaker helpful?
Was the hall clean?
Was the hall ideal for your event?
Was the bar facility used?
Were the facilities good?
Was the car park used?
Were the access times suitable for your event?
May we contact you by telephone to discuss your comments?

* 7. Please leave use your contact details here if it is ok to contact you.

* 8. Please leave any further comments about your experience here: