Welcome to the LSE Students' Union Drug Survey

We know students do drugs. We have studies that prove as much on a national level. What we don’t know is the full scale of drug use at LSE. With this survey, we hope to get an accurate picture of how our students interact with drugs. 

With the findings of this survey, we can challenge the School to...

1. End the punitive approach the school takes to drug use.
2. Provide drug testing kits on campus to make students safer.
3. Create a space for positive discussions about drug use.  

As an incentive to fill to this survey we will be prizes up for grabs!
1 x £50 ASOS Voucher
    5 x £10 ASOS Vouchers  

You will be asked to enter your email address in order to be up for these prizes.
However, your email will not be matched against your answers
 You will remain completely anonymous!

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