Optional Wellbeing Initiative Survey Information Page

Wellbeing at KCLSU is all about discovering who we are and what makes us thrive. It's a mixture of peer support and wellbeing initiatives that focus on using the holistic ‘King’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing’ as a framework to take a positive and proactive approach to improve our wellbeing.

This is a survey to ask about your feelings on aspects of your life first so we can understand how you've been currently feeling in your wellbeing. We'd then like to gather feedback on any wellbeing initiative that you attended so we can see how to improve our efforts to improve the wellbeing of the King's community.

Here are a few points to keep mind before doing this survey:
  • The purpose of this survey is for internal review only. We'd like to use this information to see how King's students are doing and consider if there are more ways we can help improve wellbeing.
  • All questions in this survey are voluntary. If you're not comfortable completing any of the questions, you can skip them.
  • If you find any of the questions distressing, please reach out for support using Student Services Online to find the right help for you at self-service.kcl.ac.uk/
  • Your answers to survey are stored securely through KCLSU. You can find out more about how we securely store and process your data by visiting www.kclsu.org/data
  • By taking part, you consent to your data being collected by Survey Monkey and being stored outside of the EEA.

Question Title

* 1. Have you read the information and consent to participating in this survey?

Question Title

* 2. What's your K number (so we can see the general demographics of who attends our events)?