* 1. Please state your gender

* 2. Please indicate your age?

* 3. If there are children in your household please state their ages?

* 4. Have your family used the Netherdale 3G Facility recently?

* 5. Do you or your family use the Netherdale 3G Arena for any or the following activities?

* 6. When you used the 3G Arena, please indicate your views of the facilities currently provided?

  very poor poor good very good excellent
Overall appearance
General cleanliness
Ease of booking

* 7. Have you any other suggestions for any improvements or new facilities that could be provided at the 3G Arena?

* 8. If you do not use the 3G Arena, please tick the reasons why?

* 9. What are the main things that concern you about where you live in the Borders?

* 10. What Services would you like to see available at the 3G Arena?

* 11. The Main stand at Netherdale is A- listed by Historic Scotland for its architectural importance. What are your thoughts on the building? Do you find it attractive? Are you proud that it has received recognition? Do you not like it? Please let us know what you think below.

* 12. Finally – Do you have any other comments you wish to make about the club or our 3G Facility?