Gilbert & Gordon: Then All The World Could See How In Love We Are is a public art project inspired by the love letters exchanged between WWII soldiers Infantryman Gordon Bowsher and his lover Oswestry-based Gunner Gilbert Bradley. As part of Heritage Open Days, Oswestry Town Museum and commissioned artist Olivia Winteringham (KILN) invite you to compose your own love letter and commit it to our Flame of Remembrance. The ashes from all the burned love letters will be transformed into a commemorative diamond ring. We hope this ring will serve not only as a symbol of the diversity of love felt in 2017 but also for the love that many LGBT people, like Gilbert & Gordon, were never legally allowed to enjoy in their lifetimes. In 2018 the ring will be presented to Oswestry Town Museum and displayed in the collection for all the world to see.

  1. This love letter may be written or dedicated to a loved one living or dead. You may wish to write to a lover, a family member or relatives, an old flame, the one that got away, the one that left, the one that broke your heart, the one that never knew.
  2. You are free to write from your heart, your head, your gut. You may wish to write your love letter as a stream of consciousness, a heartfelt poem, a collection of words, symbols or marks.
  3. You may write your love letter in English, Scots, Cymraeg, Gaeilge, Latin, French, Polari, your native tongue, a language of your own invention.
  4. We will not censor your love letter.
  5. You do not have to name your recipient.
  6. You do not have to sign your name. Your love letter can be anonymous.
  7. We must receive your love letter by Sunday 10th September at 12noon. This is so we have time to print your love letter and add it to the fire before the flame is ceremonially extinguished at 7.41pm
  8. To contribute your love letter to the diamond submit it to us through the following form. Alternatively you can write one by hand and post it to us at:
Oswestry Town Museum
1 Bailey Head
SY11 1PZ

        If you send us your letter, please compose it on material that we can safely burn. Paper is suitable.

You are also very welcome to commit your love letter to the Flame of Remembrance in person by visiting Oswestry during Heritage Open Days from Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th September. The location of the Flame of Remembrance will be revealed soon.
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