1. What is the purpose of the project?
Is it more beneficial to refurbish and expand a stadium or build a new one?

2. Why have I been selected to take part?
As a fan of West Ham United FC you can give a fans view of the recent stadium move.

3. What will I have to do?
Take part in this short survey looking at the move to The London Stadium, and whether it has affected the fans’ enjoyment at a game, and their happiness with the club.

4. Will there be any negative effects of taking part in the study?
Survey participants will remain anonymous. The only data recorded is their answers.

5. What benefits will the study have to the participants?
Once the research paper is published it will help football clubs in making decisions regarding stadium expansion or construction, with regards to fan enjoyment and happiness. Which may improve your own experience at your football club.
6. How will confidentiality be assured?
All participants will remain anonymous with the survey only recording participants answers.

7. Who will have access to the information that I provide?
Once published through the institutions electronic archives. Anybody wishing to do so will be able to access the information.

8. How will my information be stored / used in the future?
The information will be used to help conclude the topic in question, and whether fans of football clubs are affected by a clubs’ decision to build a new stadium or rebuild a current stadium. The information will be used in the project.

9. Has this project received appropriate ethical clearance?
The project has been approved ethical clearance by the UCFB ethical committee. Reference Number: UCFBREC67

10. Will I receive any financial rewards / travel expenses for taking part?

11. How can I withdraw from the project?
Participants will not be able to withdraw their response after completing the survey due to it being an online survey. Participants can however choose to not take part by simply closing the web page.

12. If I require further information who should I contact and how?
You can contact the researcher via email.