InnoTecUK ( as an experienced developer of advanced robots and automated systems has been funded by Innovate UK to explore the potential for developing human-centric assistive technologies using robotic technologies for healthcare via the project “Human-Centred Orthopaedics and Prosthetics Design (H-COP)”. H-COP will investigate the design and use of wearable orthoses and prosthetics to support medical and non-medical applications as follows:

·         Medical applications will comprise the identification of requirements for supporting motions of patients for treatment under medical supervision as well as supporting unsupervised everyday living activities

·         Non-medical applications will comprise the identification of requirements for supporting motions of healthy persons in normal daily living activities.

We are keen to deeply involve as many medical professionals and carers in the H-COP project to ensure the requirements are fully grounded to real-world needs and the solutions proposed by the research team can be assessed by potential end users. We would like to start this engagement process by inviting you to participate in the project and help us define the details of the work plan. This Questionnaire deals with exploring your experience in how the requirements for motion support of patients and healthy persons can be provided. In this regard, different types of persons needing motion support will be considered such as the following:

·         Patients with physical disabilities which limit the functioning of limbs

·         Persons with missing limbs or parts of limbs

·         Patients suffering from major trauma needing rehabilitation to complete recovery

·         Healthy elderly persons for normal living tasks so quality of life can be enhanced.

The support or rehabilitation functionalities can relate to lower-body mobility tasks, upper-body manipulation tasks or full-body stability tasks such as providing support during standing or walking while carrying objects.

We are seeking your guidance as a medical professional or a carer who has being involved deeply with persons having motion difficulties to help us finalise the H-COP work plan. The attached questionnaire has been formulated to gather your views about important topics we are currently considering within the project. We kindly ask you to take a few minutes to answer the questions and provide any comments you feel would help us formulate the requirements for physical assistance in the treatment of patients or supporting normal living activities. The questionnaire is completely anonymous and all information will be presented in a manner so it is not attributable to specific individuals.

Thank you for your assistance, helping to improve lives of others.

If you have further queries, or if you are willing to help with these issues (in addition to the Questionnaire), please, contact Professor Gurvinder S. Virk, InnoTecUK, +44 1223 893209; 

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* 1. Please select from the list below your medical background/profession. Use the box below  if the 3 listed categories do not apply to you.

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* 2. Please indicate for which type of persons/patients your main involvement relates to by selecting 1 in the drop-down menu. Please use the box below to provide more details not listed below related to mobility.

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* 3. Do the patients/persons you are involved with experience motion difficulties?