Sixth Form Induction 2017

* 1. Your name

* 2. What is your current school

* 4. The three day induction event has made me feel positive about joining the SJSF

* 5. I now feel more confident that I have made appropriate choices.

* 6. I am aware that, as a result of the taster lessons I might need to review my options.

* 7. The induction program has helped to answer some of the queries / concerns I had regarding my options.

* 8. I found the information on Enrichment and  Extended Project Qualification useful

* 9. I will select to do Extended Project Qualification as part of my Sixth Form options

* 10. I enjoyed the team activity at Kesteven and Sleaford High School on Wednesday morning

* 11. I was made to feel welcome at the 2 day SJSF Induction event

* 12. If you answered disagree or strongly disagree to the previous question please give specific details.

* 13. I feel that I have had appropriate counselling and advice and guidance throughout Year 11 regarding my Sixth Form option choices

* 14. Overall I think the induction program is worthwhile

* 15. Which subject did you feel presented the most useful / engaging induction sessions.

Please give the name of the subject, the school where you attended the induction sessions for this subject and give specific reasons why you felt the sessions were most useful / engaging.

* 16. Please list the 5 most useful aspects of the whole 2 day Induction Program

* 17. Please suggest improvements that could be made to the induction program in future years and include any aspects which you hoped would be covered but were not:

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