Hadleigh Cycling Club member survey

HCC is going from strength to strength and we are keen to find out what our members want. Please complete this survey and help us make the club even better!

* 1. Why did you join HCC?

* 2. What is HCC for? Which of the following do you think are most important? 1= most 6=least

* 3. Anything else you think HCC should be doing?

* 4. What kind of cyclist do you consider yourself to be?

* 5. HCC is planning the following activities this year. Which ones would you like to be involved in?

* 6. How active are you currently in HCC? 

* 7. What method of communication do you prefer?

* 8. Any other suggestions on how HCC could improve?

* 9. Something about you

* 10. Your age group?