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Researchers: Our names are Dr. Ruth Hatcher, Dr. Melanie Knieps, Holly Severn, Chantelle Gordon and Arifa Bhanwadia from the University of Leicester, School of Psychology.

Purpose of data collection: Dissertation research

Details of Participation: Participation in this research project will involve completing a multiple-choice questionnaire about your sexting behaviours, and then five shorter questionnaires which use a rating scale to measure attachment styles, risk taking, web security, self-esteem and well-being.

If for any reason you are uncomfortable in answering a questionnaire you can leave the study at any time. However, you will not receive credits unless you have completed the whole questionnaire.

 The questionnaires that you will be asked to complete will ask about how you view yourself and the world you live in. There are no right or wrong answers and you should answer as honestly as possible.  

The data you provided is anonymous. At the end of the study there is a request for your University of Leicester email address. We ask for this so we can award credits for your participation should you have taken part within the University of Leicester's EPR scheme. Your email address will be kept separate from your data and will be discarded after the credits have been awarded. If you are not taking part as part of the University's EPR scheme, you can leave this section blank.

1. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I may withdraw from the research at any time up until when I submit my information, without giving any reason. I understand that to withdraw I just need to close the browser.
2. I am aware of what my participation will involve.
3. My data are to be held confidentially.
4. My data will be kept electronically for a period of at least five years after the appearance of any associated publications.
5. In accordance with the requirements of some scientific journals and organisations, my coded data may be shared with other competent researchers. My coded data may also be used in other related studies. My name and other identifying details will not be collected and hence will not be shared with anyone.
6. The overall findings may be submitted for publication in a scientific journal, or presented at scientific conferences.
7. This study will take approximately five months to complete.
8. I will be able to obtain general information about the results of this research by contacting the researcher after August 2016.
9. I am giving my consent for data to be used for the outlined purposes of the present study

All questions that I have about the research have been satisfactorily answered.

I agree to participate. 

By clicking 'Next'  you are agreeing to participant in this study. 

This study was reviewed by the University of Leicester Psychology Research Ethics Committee (PREC). You may contact the Administrator of PREC Joy Kocik at if you have any questions or concerns regarding the ethics of this project.

6% of survey complete.