The need for housing by local people in the Llanllyfni Community Council area

Dear Resident,
Cyngor Cymuned Llanllyfni – Llanllyfni Community Council  realise that providing housing for local people in this area is a very important subject and in order to assess the local  need here they have asked me as a Rural Housing Enabler  and an independant broker to carry out a survey of local need as well as what interest there is in an exciting scheme on the outskirts of the village of Penygroes.

This survey is being sent to every house in the Community Council area and you are very welcome to complete the enclosed questionnaire if you are in need to move to more suitable accommodation than what you have at present or to offer any comment on a scheme on the village boundary.
If you know of anyone who needs to move back to the area then you are more than welcome to provide their details in order for me to send them a survey form.
As I mentioned, the Ty’n y Weirglodd site adjacent to Plas Silyn Leisure centre has been earmarked for housing by the County Council and Grŵp Cynefin are going to develop appropriate housing which will address the local need.
The intention with the Ty’n y Weirglodd site is for a mixed housing development of open market, low cost purchase and intermediate rent.
This survey will be the basis for the kind of development that will be drafted. Further consultation will take place to receive comments on these and the Community Council will have an opportunity to take part in this important work.
If anyone has an interest being involved in discussions to develop this scheme and want to contribute then you are more than welcome to let me know by filling in Section 3 of the survey.
It is early days as to what exactly will be considered on the site, but your reaction is crucial to shape what will be there.
A number of questions have been raised by Llanllyfni Community Council including – 
1. The land is extremely wet! - This has been considered and mitigation plans have been costed.
2. How many private houses? - No more market housing than what is needed to make the scheme financially viable.
3. Is there an option to self-build? - It can be, depending on demand and the applicant’s ability.
4. The school is full! – The County Council has earmarked the site for housing and any following services will need to be planned for. A possible increase in the number of children could be the result of a housing scheme and this survey report will draw attention to this.
5. What about land in Nebo / Talysarn and other areas? - This may be possible in the future if the need is proven, suitable land and the possibility for planning permission obtainable.
6. What will be the price of new housing? - This will be dependent on the ability of applicants to pay, any subsidy, and at a discount from the market price for the affordable housing.
7. How will this be monitored? - This will depend on the response to the survey, and further cooperation with the community council and other agencies to ensure against over development on one phase taking into account what is realistic. There will be opportunities for individuals to cooperate.

I would like you to respond to this survey if you
a. Consider yourself to be in need of a new house now or in the future then fill - PART 1 and PART 2
b. Want to respond to the development and other relevant topics fill  PART 3
It will only take 5-10 minutes to complete the questionnaire, but if you need help to fill it in then I'm quite happy to assist you - my details are below.
I will be assessing your answers in the strictest confidence and preparing a report myself in a way that won't identify individuals or households. 
If you would like to participate in a raffle for a prize for completing this questionnaire please give your contact details at the end.
Thank you very much in advance for y

* 1. SECTION 1:  To be filled in by local people in need to move or considering to move in the next 5 years.

This section asks questions about the household that needs to move, and you will need to provide your name etc below. Our definition of household is someone living alone or a group of people (whether related or not) living at the same address and are either sharing a living room or eating together at least once a day '.

C1. Which one of the below statements describes your intentions for the future?  Please tick one box

* 2. C2.What type of home does your household live in?   Please tick one box

* 3. C3. Does your household own or rent this home?    Please tick one box

* 4. C4. How long have you lived in this home?

* 5. C4b.How long have you lived in Cyngor Cymuned Llanllyfni Community Council area?

* 6. C4c. How long have you lived in the Gwynedd local authority area?

* 7. C5.If you intend to move within 5 years, what are the most important reasons from the list below for you in choosing your next accommodation?

Please put numbers to your answers in priority leaving those that arent blank.

* 8. SECTION 2: Type of accommodation needed if you are moving in the the next 5 years.
This section asks about the household that expects to need to move i.e. the size of home they require and how they intend to pay for their accommodation.

 C6. How many people of each age and sex need to move?  Include yourself if also moving! Please write the numbers in the relevant boxes    

  0-9 10-15 16-19 20-44 45-64 65-74 75+

* 9. C7. How many bedrooms would the household expect to need? 

* 10. C8. How would you describe this household?

* 11. C9. When would the household expect to need to move? 

* 12. C10. Have you registered with Gwynedd Council for accommodation to rent or Tai Teg to buy? 

NB. This questionnaire does not register you on a housing waiting list. If you wish to do so or receive information about social rented of affordable to buy accommodation, this is the link: Gwynedd Council on 01286 685100 ( to rent or Tai Teg on 08456 015605 ( to buy or for intermediate rent.

* 13. C11. Please give reasons why your home isn’t adequate?

* 14. C12. Do you have a specialist housing need?

* 15. C13. How would you consider paying for this accommodation?  Please put numbers to your answers in priority leaving those that arent blank

* 16. C14. Are there any barriers that prevent you from paying for the above? Please tick as many boxes as apply   

* 17. C15. C1.        How much would the household be able to afford if buying or renting?  It is normal to consider a third of the household’s income to rent and 3.5 times the household’s gross annual income to calculate how much mortgage can be considered to buy an affordable accommodation plus any savings and equity the household may have in any sold property.  
(How much mortgage a household can consider can be calculated by following the link)  )


* 18. C16. This questionnaire is specific to the Ty’n y Weirglodd site, but which area (areas) apart from the Penygroes site would the household consider living?

* 19. C17. Do you have a site / sites in mind in the above area / areas that can be considered  for development in the future?  Place the details below 

* 20. C18. Contact details
If you need to move house, or want more information and advice, it is vital that you provide your details below please, otherwise we cannot plan accordingly and offer help to you.  

Name, Address, Post Code , Phone, Email, Facebook

* 21. SECTION 3: Views and comments on local housing scheme in Penygroes
This section is to find out about local people’s views on the potential of new housing and the development site in Penygroes for local people as well as find people who want to return.  A work place is important and there is a question about work as well. All replies will be treated in the strictest confidence; however comments and reasons may be included in reports but nameless

 C19. Apart from yourself or anyone currently in your household, do you know anyone with a ‘local connection’ who is not currently residing in the Llanllyfni Community Council area that would like to return, or needs to set up home here for various reasons?  Local connection definition is ‘where people have lived or worked in the community council area or adjacent community council area now or in the past for 5 years or more.’

* 22. C20. If a need is identified, would you be supportive of a small development of housing for people with a local connection in Penygroes?

* 23. C22. Do you know of any suitable sites, available land, industrial property or empty property within the survey area that could be considered for an affordable housing scheme for local people in the future? Please provide name and address of the site /land/property owner

* 24. C23. A Community Land Trust can own land for the benefit and on behalf of the community including affordable housing / self-build, gardens etc. See this website: 
This is the type of scheme that is propsoed for this housing development, with local control. Would you be interested in being involved in this type of venture?

* 25. C24. Sustainable communities also need work places as well as housing. Although there is no intention to consider this at the moment on this site, do you need a work place? If so what kind? Please tick one box (workshop / office etc.)

* 26. C25. Note any further comments here.

* 27. Thank You for filling in this questionnaire.

If you would be so kind as to complete it as soon as possible please and return it to my attention by post in the prepaid envelope or by person to the Grŵp Cynefin offices in Penygroes.
Arfon Hughes- Rural Housing Enabler

Swyddfa Grŵp Cynefin, Tŷ Silyn, Y Sgwâr, Penygroes,   LL54 6LY 

By Friday 9th of December 2016.

If you would like an opportunity to take part in a raffle for completing this questionnaire then please provide your details below

 Name, Address, Phone, Email, Facebook