The Tadcaster and Villages CEF helps to address the issues and develop the ideas of members of the community.

The CEF Partnership Board wish to look at the future of Community Leisure provision in Tadcaster and Villages area.

By completing this survey we will be able to;

 Gather people’s views regarding current provision, and what else they would like to see

 Create a strategy to address unmet need in the area, working in partnership with

The project is being delivered by Selby District AVS, working in partnership with Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles and the Tadcaster and Villages CEF Partnership Board. AVS staff will be happy to assist with completing the survey, send out paper copies, producing large print versions, or taking down your opinions over the phone – please contact us on 01757 291111 or email us at

Thank you for taking part.
Cllr Richard Sweeting, Chair of Tadcaster and Villages CEF

* 1. Are you? (please tick)

* 2. How old are you? (please tick)

* 3. Where do you live? (please tick)

* 4. Do you consider yourself to have a disability? (please tick)

* 5. How important do you think it is to have Community Leisure Provision in Tadcaster and Villages area? (Please tick)

* 6. How would you rate the current provision of Community Leisure Provision in Tadcaster and Villages area? (please tick)

* 7. Which of the following leisure activities have you taken part in, during the last 6 months? (please tick all that apply)

* 8. Are you part of a local group for any of the above activities? (please tick)

* 9. If you answered yes please provide the name

* 10. What would you like to see? (please tick all that apply)

* 11. Getting Involved (Please tick all that apply)

* 12. If you have ticked any of the above please provide the following;
your name
telephone number
email address