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* 3. askmyGP - If you have used this online service please tell us your experience

  Not useful Disappointed Good Very Good Extremely useful Not applicable
How useful was the "Self Help" option?
How useful was the "Message my GP" option?

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* 4. Rate our GP Access 'appointment making' process

  Excellent Good Average Below average Poor Not applicable
My phone call to book the appointment was answered quickly
The receptionist who made my appointment was was cheery + helpful
The GP called me back within an hour
I had a successful telephone consultation with the GP - my needs and expectations were met
I was offered a personal appointment at a suitable day and time for me
A prescription was made available for me to collect from the surgery/dispensary/local chemist

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* 5. If you came into Wye Surgery for an appointment, please rate your arrival

  Excellent Good Average Below average Poor Not applicable
I was able to park at the surgery
My appointment was at a convenient day and time for me
At reception, I was checked in quickly
There were seats free in the waiting room
I was seen close to my appointment time
The wash room/WC was clean and tidy

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* 7. Do you know about the following services/activities at Wye Surgery?

  Yes Used/taken part No Not interested
Our Patient Participation Group
askmyGP - an online service
Our Minor Injuries Clinic - quick assessment and treatment for things like cuts, sprains, burns etc
Our non-obstetric Ultrasound Clinic
Our Out-Patient Clinics - where Consultants/Clinicians hold their clinics here instead of at a local hospital

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* 8. If seen in person at Wye Surgery, please rate the quality of care you received from the doctor/nurse/practitioner who saw you? (5 is the highest rating, 0 is the lowest, N/A means not applicable)

  Excellent Very Good Good Average Poor Not applicable
He/She put me at ease
He/She asked questions and listened to me
He/She took into account my medical history
He/She examined me
He/She was confident in knowing what to do
He/She explained my condition and treatment/care
He/She involved me in decisions about my treatment/care
He/She arranged for/gave me a prescription, treatment or tests
I would be very happy to be seen by the same person again

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* 10. Overall, how highly would you rate Wye Surgery?

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor Don't know
Wye Surgery as a whole
GP Access Appointments system
Medical care from our GPs
Range of clinics
Admin and reception team
Location and parking
Waiting room and other rooms
Disabled access and facilities
Usefulness of our website
Availability of printed health information