Should the current restrictions on the publication by chambers and BSB entities (excluding single-person entities) of sexual orientation and religion or belief (SO and RB) monitoring data be removed to promote disclosure and transparency? Should the rules relating to both of these monitoring categories apply in the same way as they currently do to the other diversity characteristics? Please give us your views.

We have been approached by the Bar Council to consider a potential rule change, which would involve the removal of the rule requiring each member of chambers’ or entities’ workforce to give their consent before aggregated and anonymised SO and RB monitoring data can be published. The removal of this rule would bring the regulation of SO and RB monitoring in line with the regulation relating to the other diversity characteristics: gender, race, disability, age, socio-economic background and caring responsibilities.

The consultation document setting out the full details of our proposals and detailed information on the consultation questions is available here. This consultation will close on the 5th of July 2018.