We would welcome your feedback on whether an online Research Portal for Scottish Archaeology would be beneficial to you and be used by you. 

The portal would help link researchers with archaeological projects. Initially, it could include unfinished HES-sponsored projects that need to be brought to completion but the long term vision could be for a national resource where unfinished projects or outstanding research questions could be matched with those wishing to undertake research.

This could include community groups, postgraduate and undergraduate students, professional researchers and contractors. There could also be an opportunity for local people and groups to let the wider archaeological community know what questions they would like to see answered about their local heritage.

Please help us consider whether this project would be worth pursuing by answering this short questionnaire.

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Photograph of a community excavation reproduced with permission of Tom Dawson

<span style="font-size: 8pt;">Photograph of a community excavation reproduced with permission of Tom Dawson</span>
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