Dear Parishioners, we invite you to take part in an important survey to help us shape the future of our Deanery, to try and meet people’s needs in the best possible way. We would like to make sure we get all your thoughts and ideas, and therefore we invite you to take a few minutes of quality time to answer these questions. If you complete the survey online, please do not complete a paper copy. This survey is confidential and anonymous.
Pope Francis is calling the whole church to be “missionary” in its outlook, reaching out to those on the edges of the society and of the Church, with the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

* 1. What do you value most in your faith?

* 2. What difference does your faith make to how you live?

* 3. Are there any ways in which Christ has helped you in your life (maybe with a particular struggle, or healing or freeing you in other ways)?

* 4. How could the Church be changed or transformed to make living your faith more fulfilling?

* 5. How could the Church be changed or transformed to make those on the margins of the Church or society feel fully welcome?

* 6. As the number of priests serving in our area reduces, how can we free them to focus on their ministry of Word and Sacrament? Is there anything you, personally, can do to allow them to focus on their pastoral role?

* 7. What help do you need so that you can play your role in this change or transformation? What formation and support do we need to make our parish an effective sign of God’s love at work in our world?

* 8. Please confirm your parish:

* 9. Please tell us what is your gender?

* 10. Please tell us your age: