Your Thoughts On Death

We are writing a book to help people navigate the years between 50 and 80.  It will be called Act3 - The Art Of Getting Older.

The book is very positive and it's written to help you to make the most of getting older.  Yet, death is part of life and many of us avoid discussing it or planning for it.  

We're gathering information about what plans or thoughts you have on death.  Have you written a will for example; had a family meeting around the subject?  What are the best ways to include the idea that death is part of life?

So, if you're 50 or older, give us your thoughts.

(By participating you agree that comments you make may be included in our book.  You're welcome to be anonymous, of course.)  Thank you.  Adrian & Judy Reith

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* 1. What are your thoughts (if you have any) on your own death?

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* 2. You discover you have a month to live, yet you’re in reasonable health – what are your priorities?

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* 3. What do you hope your funeral might be like?

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* 4. Anything else?

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* 5. Your name or alias

Thank you for participating.  Our book Act3 – The Art Of Getting Older will be published next year by Unbound.  You can still pre-order the limited edition here and we'll print your name in the back to say thank you.  Many thanks Judy & Adrian Reith