Fenland District Council is proposing a change to its Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

If implemented, this would mean people claiming Universal Credit would not see a change in the amount of Council Tax they have to pay unless their weekly income changes by more than £15, or £65 in a month.

The purpose of the change is to provide people claiming Universal Credit more certainty over their Council Tax bills and their finances. This will avoid correcting awards, whilst ensuring they are correct first time, which is beneficial for customers and does not have any financial impact.

The consultation is open from Monday 30 September until Sunday 10 November. Feedback will be then considered before a final proposal is given to Councillors in early 2020.

If agreed, the change would come into affect from April 2020. The proposed change would not apply to people who have reached state pension age or are not on Universal Credit.

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* 1. Do you agree that the Council should freeze the level of Council Tax Universal Credit claimants pay, unless their income changes by more than a set amount (e.g £15 per week)?

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* 2. The Council is proposing that Council Tax will only be reassessed for Universal Credit claimants if Council Tax Support changed by more than £15 per week. This amount is based on the results of a review about the ability of Universal Credit claimants to pay their Council Tax when their income changes.

Do you agree this is the right figure?

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* 3. If you said 'no' to question 2, what do you think a more appropriate income change amount would be?

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* 4. If changes in people's income is consistently less than the agreed amount (currently proposed at £15), they may pay more Council Tax over the course of the year compared to if they were reassessed.

Therefore, do you think the Council should be able to choose to not apply the new income change rule and recalculate somebody's Council Tax bill during the year?

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* 5. If you have any other comments, please leave them here: